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To sell your own photos, you must register an account at one or more stock photo sites. Does this registration cost you anything?

Do you have to pay to sell photos on stock photo sites? | WahaviBlog about stock photography

    How much does it cost you to sell your own photos on stock photo sites

    It promises to be a good earning opportunity if you register on stock photography sites and upload your own photos. But what does it cost you?

    Registration is free. You don’t have to pay extra for either storing your images or advertising.

    What does the stock photo company finance its expenses from?

    The formula is simple: most of the revenue from each image they sell for you (to be exact, the right to use the images) is put their your pocket. The extent of this varies from agency to agency, from 15% to 50%. This is specified by each company in its terms and conditions on its website.

    So is stock photography worth the hard work?

    It can clearly be seen from the above that although you do not pay directly to the agency, you only receive a fraction of the amounts paid by their clients. So, you really make a significant contribution to the operation of the company.

    And what's more, you have to pay tax after your income...

    Nevertheless, it is still possible to generate significant income from stock photography. With persistent work, you can even become a full-time stock photographer.

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