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If you have already read my articles about stock photography basics, you can perfect your knowledge here. While the basics are about the "what?", the advanced level tells you the "how?"

As time goes by, you will also gain more and more experience, you will become more and more confident, but it is always useful to learn from the mistakes or positive experiences of others.

What should I shoot? What should I not shoot? Tips for stock photographers

I you think you photographed everything...

What are the most saleable photos at Alamy stock photo company?

What the experienced stock photographers say in one bouquet

Why is post-processing important to make stock photos stand out from the crowd?

Our principles and the stock photography business

How can your images get to the top of a stock photo agency's search results pages?

Some simple methods you may not have thought of

How do you know where your stock photos are being used?

Simple methods to track down the usage of your stock photos

Which country should be removed from the list of distributors at Alamy?

Experience with well-paying and penny distributors

Should you be an exclusive stock photographer?

Exclusive stock photos, exclusive stock photographer

How should you title your stock photos?

The most important components of a perfect title

How should you choose the right keywords for your stock photos?

Keywording techniques for stock photos

Can you sell stock photos on multiple sites?

Advantages and disadvantages of multiplying your portfolio

What types of photos sell the most on stock photo sites?

Here are some ways to find out what topics your customers are looking for.

Who are the target groups of stock photography (and why it's so important to know)?

To sell more images you should aim as accurate as you can

Stock photography in practice

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