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What if your photo contains a logo or branding? Editorial stock photo concept.

Can you sell photos with brand logos in them? | WahaviBlog a stock fotózásról

    How do I upload my images with logos or brandings to stock photo sites?

    First, you need to clarify whether the stock photo site where you want to upload your image allows you to sell editorial images.

    If yes, all you have to do is read the relevant rules. Each company has different formal requirements how you must title and keyword editorial photos. Read more about the practices of some bigger stock photo companies below.

    Definition of editorial image

    The phrase 'editorial photo' comes from the fact that the editorial type images are mainly used by the editors of newspapers and magazines to illustrate articles on current topics (news).

    Since it would be difficult to apply for model releases from each person in the image, or property releases from each private property owner, companies restrict use cases to enforce copyright and other rights.

    An editorial photo can be purchased with restrictions in time and space and cannot be published at all for commercial or advertising purposes. The photo may include individuals and private property subject to country regulations.

    Each stock photo site has different regulations to upload editorial images

    Shutterstock provides photographers with a detailed description of this topic in their How do I submit editorial content? article.

    All Alamy is asking you to indicate whether your photo has signed model or property release. There are no formal requirements here, as Alamy is primarily a repository of editorial photos.

    Adobe Stock does not accept editorial images at all. There are photos of this kind on their website, but they are not from stock photographers, but from agencies.

    An editorial image can be uploaded to Dreamstime without difficulties, in which case the Editorial option must be selected during upload. Moreover, if you have uploaded a logo or a photo of people as a commercial image, the editor may decide to reclassify your image to Editorial during the review process. So there are no formal requirements here for either titling or keywording.

    Getty Images / iStock's portfolio includes editorial images. You must select the Editorial option when uploading.


    You can upload your photo with a logo or other branding to stock photo sites, but first check the policy for the conditions under which you can do so. Not all stock photo agencies allow you to upload editorial photos.

    Stock photography in practice

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