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Not all stock photography companies accept your photos taken with a mobile phone, as there is a visible difference in quality (especially when zoomed in) compared to an ADSR or MILC camera. In the following articles, I deal with the Stockimo application of the British stock photography company Alamy.

There are completely different requirements for your mobile phone photos than for a traditional photo, so it is advisable to find out in advance. In my articles, you can learn how to use the Stockimo app, as well as why there is a significant difference between photos taken with a cell phone or a camera.

Stockimo app - how to make money with your mobile photos?

A detailed guide on how to use the mobile app Stockimo on an iPhone.

Can you take stock photos with a smartphone?

How can you take advantage of your smartphone's camera in stock photography?

Can you sell iPhone photos on Alamy?

Alamy only accepts photos shot with a DSLR? What about your mobile photos?

Stock photography in practice

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