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At the age of 10 I got a simple camera, with which I managed to create some good compositions. However I remember when we climbed up the Schneeberg mountain in the Alps, and saw some chamois just 2 or 3 meters away, made some really unique photos of them. At least I thought so. But when I wanted to roll back the film, it turned out to be stuck right from the start... Here are three of my best photos made at the age of 10.


Later I got a Praktica SLR camera, which I loved so much. It was so professional looking.


And suddenly my life turned onto a quite different track. My mother passed away, and I felt as if the ground had been removed from below me. I lost a lot of weight, my muscles almost disappeared, I felt continuous fatigue. It was soon clear that all these symptoms were caused by the overdose of daily honey, which practically killed all my intestinal flora. My digestion processes were all down, my limbs were always cold. However, I never gave up the hope that things might some day change to the better. I tried several methods, but in vain (vegan diet, herbal teas, reiki, Silva Mind Control etc.). I stopped every activity I had done before: photography and music.

After struggling for more than 2 years I came across a book about Candida. I produced all the symptoms written in it. Again, there was some hope that I found the good method at last. I began to take the Acidophilus capsules recommended in the book. After 2 or 3 months I was shocked when I stand on my bathroom scales: I weighed 4 kgs more! And the tendency did not stop. I started to eat a lot of food I had denied myself before. In only 6 months I felt, weighed and ate the same as before and my digestion worked maybe even better! I would like to share my thoughts and experience about this period on wahaviBlog.

The digital era brought back my enthusiasm for photography. For some time I relied upon my instincts, when I realized that to get beyond the basics I had to learn from a much more educated photographer. I did it, and to my greatest surprise, I started to be more and more conscious when taking photos, it was not just snapshots any more, but compositions.

I thought it was not enough for me to collect some Likes on Facebook, I wanted a kind of long-term usage for my images. One of my good friends told me about stock photography, so I thought it deserves a try. I registered to the big ones, like Adobe, Dreamstime, Eyeem, Getty Images (iStock) and last but not least Alamy.

Stock photography is a special field inside art. The ones who do it on a high level will survive. In wahaviBlog I will talk about a lot of things about this topic. Come with me!

Images in the post

Images in the post
Baja, Hungary, ca. 1980
Sárvár, Hungary, ca. 1980
Sárvár, Hungary, ca. 1980
Medieval arches, Sopron
Water lily
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I started my adult life as a kindergarten teacher, but later I turned towards being self-employed. I have been developing websites for several years now, and photography became my side job as a stock photographer. My experience in making websites, and also photography itself were a great help to launch wahaviBlog, the bilingual blog that deals mainly with stock photography, and photography basics.