How to reduce the health risks of sedentary lifestyle

4 simple exercises to reduce the health risks of sedentary lifestyle

How I got rid of my regular headache caused by sitting in front of the computer. And more...

Get rid of headache by lifting your monitor

Since my childhood I suffered from headache from time to time, sometimes a massive migraine caught me with nausea and unbearable pain in my head. Then I read the recommendation of a doctor, which was about how you can get rid of the headache caused by staring at the monitor all day long. I gave it a try. It worked!

Here is this very simple method:

All you have to do is lifting your monitor to the level where you don't stoop down your head. To achieve this you can lower your chair as well. Killing two birds with one stone: not only your neck veins get released because of the horizontal position of the head, but the rear of your thighs also will be freed from the pressure of the chair. You may also help by putting a kind of footrest under your feet.

Thanks to this method, my regular headache went away completely. Now, about twice a year I feel some light headache that lasts for only a short time. I have been clear of migraine for years!

Simple exercise to balance sedentary lifestyle

If you don't feel like doing exercises or don't have the opportunity or room to do it during working hours, here is a very simple method to get your numb legs moving:

Squat down 10-20 times - the quicker the better! You can do it several times a day. By doing so, you can boost your blood circulation without sweating.

Of course, if you have the time, you are advised to walk for one hour in the open air.

Eye exercise that can be done anytime and anywhere

If you are sitting in front of the computer all day long, your eyes soon get fixed, lose their adaptability to distance, and you are forced to wear stronger glasses. There is a simple but great method to improve the adaptability of your eyesight:

Look out of the window (find a distant object with your eyes). Then look at the window frame (the closed you are to the window the better). Repeat this 20-30 times rapidly. You may do this several times a day.

It was a remarkable improvement for me, when I sharply saw the face of the actors in the theater. Before that I only saw some 'ghosting'.

Relieve the pain in the lower back

If you feel pain in your lower back moving a certain way, then the following exercise may help you a lot:

Stand up and lift your arms overhead. Stretch arms upwards alternately as if you wanted to reach the ceiling. At the same time, press your feet onto the floor/ground.

Our goal is to stretch your spine a bit. Repeating the exercise several times you will feel better.

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